Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

I'm interested in regaining the momentum that I've lost on this and other blogs in recent months. I wrote a "don't panic" email to some friends recently, in the wake of the Johnny Damon defection (treason?). I'm interested in discussing the Red Sox' offseason moves when they are complete and we know who will actually be on the team, however my point to my friends was that two of the three current "holes" in the lineup, shortstop and first base, really shouldn't be of concern because the Red Sox didn't get much production from those spots last year anyway. Furthermore, the pitching is improved this season. So the only current problem is the lack of a center fielder. This is a big one, but I think the Sox will make up for any loss of production and keep right on trucking in 2006. While Toronto's big signings don't necessarily translate into a ton of progress on their part, Boston's (recent) lack of activity doesn't necessarily mean they are falling behind. Baseball Prospectus explains better than I could. Please don't panic.