Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hall of Fame Preview, Part 4

Wow, it's been like a month since I wrote Part 3! I blame the holidays. I don't really have anything ready to post for the returning candidates, but I still plan to do so. In light of this afternoon's announcement, however, I thought I would drop a quick post. I believe that this afternoon the BBWAA will announce that Roberto Alomar and Andre Dawson have been elected to the Hall of Fame. As stated previously, I support the Alomar induction. To be reported in the future, I'm not really behind Dawson for the Hall, but given last year's results (he received 68% of the vote and Jim Rice was elected), I think he'll go in. Dawson was a better player than Rice, and it seems likely that fact will swing some voters. Then again, Dwight Evans was a better player than both of them, and he only lasted for one ballot. So you never know.

I think Bert Blyleven and Barry Larkin will receive significant support but fall short this time around. Nobody else has a real chance to get elected this year, so I'll save further commentary on them for later. I do think that Harold Baines will receive less than 5% of the vote and fall off the ballot, however.


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